Hypnotherapy – Saying NO

How Could Hypnotherapy Help Me To Be More Assertive?

Hypnosis, like any other method, has its limitations. Integral to successfully integrating assertive skills and successful hypnotherapy is a positive attitude.
The decision to become more assertive, and persevere, ultimately depends on you. Furthermore, research has shown that hypnotherapy is the most effective when you believe that it will have the
effect you desire.

How does it work?

Contemporary clinical hypnotists do not use a swinging watch. They tend to use hypnotherapy in conjunction with established therapies such as Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT), to enhance the effectiveness of these treatments. CBT focuses on changing the thoughts and behaviours to overcome a problem. Psychological research suggests that using hypnotherapy can help you integrate assertiveness skills into your everyday life.

What Can I Do To Prepare For Hypnotherapy?

First, it is important to think about your reasons for wanting to become more assertive. It is hard to persevere with a task that you do not see as making your life better on strive towards a goal that you’re not really interested in. Perhaps you would like to have an evening free to yourself without feeling guilty. Maybe you would like to stop feeling like you’re running on an empty tank. It might be that you don’t want to resent the people around you, but if you don’t say no, they’ll keep burdening you with all their problems, extra work or errands. Before coming to therapy, it is important to think about these things. That way, you can judge for yourself whether therapy has helped you meet your goals.

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