About Us

What do you see? Is it a woman or a musician?

Puzzle imageIn fact, the picture can be both. At first, we just assume it is just a picture of a woman, until someone helps us to see the musician underneath. Many situations in life are like this. We are sure the way that we see something, or the way that we deal with something, is the only way. In fact, there are often other alternatives we were simply not aware of until someone helps us to see them. Sometimes it can be helpful to sit down and work through your problems with a qualified psychologist.

At Applecross Psychological Services, we are not interested in being your own personal guru or saviour. What we offer is simple: independent, professional and confidential counselling from a qualified psychologist.

Life can be difficult and challenges do come our way. This can make us feel confused, overwhelmed or out of control. When we feel like this, we can find ourselves feeling and behaving in ways that we normally would not. This can affect your work and relationships. Counselling is an opportunity for you to talk about your experience with a qualified psychologist. Talking through a problem in a safe, confidential environment can provide other perspectives, insights and clarity. This can assist you in your decision making, as well as providing relief and realistic strategies.